Set the Stage for your Company’s Growth for 2018

It is common to become stuck shortly after the New Year’s Party ends, and you finally sit down a week later to plan out how you will make the New Year a success for your business. You’re not stuck because you don’t know what to do, but because you don’t know what to do first. So, you contemplate while keeping yourself occupied with busy work and delay getting to the real work of working ON your business, instead of FOR your business.

In order to bypass these delay tactics, there is an exercise that you can do in probably an hour or less that will set the stage for your company’s 2018 success and growth. The magical task that will set the stage for all you do next is the task of setting monthly sales goals for all twelve months of 2018.

Start by creating a quick excel sheet that shows your top and bottom lines for each month of 2017.

Next, make any notes of anomalies that occurred in 2017 or that you expect in 2018 that may impact any given month.

Next, set a reasonable sales number for each month taking this information into consideration.

Finally, determine where you can pepper in a couple of stretch goals in a couple of months.

Once you have this in place, the plan will unfold. The story of your business, its past, its present, its future, its success or its failure is always told via the numbers. By looking at your monthly sales goals, your mind will automatically go to the obvious question, “OK, so how am I going to make this happen?” Which will lead to the next obvious task of “What is the best pipeline for making sure I meet these goals?” From here, you are off the races focusing on what matters instead of what will keep you busy, but may not produce results.

Wishing you a focused and prosperous 2018.


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