Belinda has been coaching, guiding, and mentoring for 20 years helping individuals, teams, and businesses find their direction, and pursue their ambitions with clear action plans. Belinda has a gift at generating a genuine enthusiasm by helping determine meaningful targets, visualize success, and belief in the future.


Entrepreneurs, business leaders and teams who seek management expertise to aid in achieving success can rely on Belinda for leadership. Consulting services are offered in the following practices: Business Planning & Strategy, Communication Strategy, Change Management, Operations Management and Organizational Behavior.

Choose Your Metric

The theme of this offering is to guide people and teams to shift their focus to what really matters so they achieve their own defined success. When setting a goal, starting a project, making a decision, etc., carefully chosen metrics that actually count will inspire productive actions avoiding distraction of what someone else thinks and will result in success.

Community Coaching

Belinda’s community coaching class are designed to augment the technical training offered by workplace readiness organizations through soft skill and goal setting training. Belinda has been coaching and training employees for twelve years, working with individuals striving to be the best employees they can be in order to support themselves and their families.


Belinda’s ability to speak straight to the heart of her audiences leaves them inspired and ready to accept their own personal call to action at the conclusion of her remarks. Whether you are planning a keynote, a panel of experts, or require a specifically themed address, Belinda will be sure to enthrall her listeners through her story to believe in the power of their own story.


Looking for tools to support your day to day and help cut through the clutter to get to the heart of the matter. Here you will find an array of tools designed to help you focus on what is important and leave the rest behind. If you have any questions about how to get the most out of these tools, drop Belinda a note and she will be happy to help. Enjoy the day!

Time Management

Many business leaders struggle with not having enough time to get to all the important items on their list. The truth is that time is a finite resource, so we if are not willing to make decisions about how we spend our time, the world around us will make choices for us. Employing an effective Time Management Program will enable you spend time wisely.

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