Dear Me, How Will I Show You Love Today

Good morning Sunshine!sunshine

Don’t forget about self-care today. Put a string on your finger if you need a reminder. Show yourself the love you have for yourself and if the fancy strikes you, endulge! How? Let me count the ways. You can get a massage – even if it is a ten minute deal at the nail salon. Go to an exercise class – you love yoga, it connects you to your core. Go for a run or a bike ride and enjoy the nature you pass by. Go to a museum and find a presence in the art. Play a musical instrument or dance to your favorite song on your iPod. Read your favorite book or poem and fall in love. Get an acupuncture treatment and let your body release and flow. Go to the movies, you haven’t been in a really long time. You fill in the blank. Be spontaneous. Whatever you pick, be present. Breathe in and out the experience. Take it all in. Show compassion and care to yourself. Be alive and still. Move. Smile inside and out. Release the unfair, the unjust, the negativity, and anxiety. Give gratitude for all the good. Marianne Williamson taught you, “Joy is what we experience when we recognize how good things really are.”

What are you waiting for? Go shower yourself with love!

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