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Upcoming Events

How to Make Profitable Business Decisions in the Real World; Bond Collective, Gowanus December 18, 2019


Past Events

How to Maximize the Value of Your Business presented by Chapin Hill Advisors; December 6, 2019

How Entrepreneurs Finance Their Companies – October 10, 2019

Young BK Brooklyn Entrepreneurs – Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce – presents a panel of founders who share how they financed their own ventures and what it takes to keep it going.

Supporting Strategies ‘Roadmap to Success’ – annual event for entrepreneurs, October 25, 2018

Launch Business Fundamentals Bootcamp – Tactical Skills for Growing Business will be an explosive event with loads of content for growing businesses! Our company presented on the panel discussion in the plenary session.

Company Culture & Branding: Aligning Culture to Business Strategy – Sept. 25, 2018

Workforce Education Series: Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce – Panel discussion and networking. Listen to the replay here.


Coaching Lab at WeWork Meatpacking District location – May 8, 2018


Professional Development and Retention – April 17, 2018

Workforce Education Series: Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce – Panel discussion and networking. Listen to the replay here.


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Dear Me, How Will I Show You Love Today

Good morning Sunshine!sunshine

Don’t forget about self-care today. Put a string on your finger if you need a reminder. Show yourself the love you have for yourself and if the fancy strikes you, endulge! How? Let me count the ways…

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Tired of a Crazed Morning? Aha! The Night Before

If no matter what time you get up, you still manage to get your kids to school late, this post is for you. In spite of living two short blocks from our son’s school with a starting bell at 8:50 am, his fall report card showed three days late to school. I thought this was a gift…

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Your Life has a Purpose, whether you are searching for it or living it, enjoy the treasure hunt every step of the way

Belinda DiGiambattista