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Through Choose Your Metric, a success coaching and consulting practice, Belinda Di Giambattista has helped CEOs of small businesses and Executives face their fears and embrace their inner confidence, knowledge and know-how to take their businesses to the next level.

Belinda’s coaching and training program provides actionable tools, systems and training that enable clients to focus their attention and energy on things that will help their businesses thrive.

Belinda works with small business owners and executives to:
• Be clear on what they are looking to achieve in the next six to twelve months
• Gain control of sales growth
• Upgrade their hiring practices
• Increase their bottom line
• Prepare their business for an exit
• Build a management team
• Carefully plan for investment for growth
• Build custom tools & systems to improve clients’ internal processes

A coaching and training program focused on the client’s chosen metrics – Belinda’s expertise in management, financial analysis, hiring, operations, strategy, administration, mentorship, and leadership coupled with easy to use management tools that she customizes for each client make her program unique and her clients succeed.

Whether you are looking to sell your business or grow it to support your lifestyle, if your vision includes taking control of improving your business, consider investing 20 minutes and take advantage of a complimentary phone call with Belinda to see how she can provide you with tools and accountability milestones that will straighten your path to achieving the metrics you set for yourself and/or your business.


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