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Discover Your Own Clarity with One Question

Making high stakes decisions in a negative state of stress can lead to poor choices and hard lessons learned. By effectively achieving clarity to guide smart choices, you set yourself up for success.

Dear Me, How Will I Show You Love Today

Good morning Sunshine!sunshine

Don’t forget about self-care today. Put a string on your finger if you need a reminder. Show yourself the love you have for yourself and if the fancy strikes you, endulge! How? Let me count the ways…

Tired of a Crazed Morning? Aha! The Night Before

If no matter what time you get up, you still manage to get your kids to school late, this post is for you. In spite of living two short blocks from our son’s school with a starting bell at 8:50 am, his fall report card showed three days late to school. I thought this was a gift…

Six Essential Lessons for Getting Out of Your Own Way

Want the truth? The only thing standing between you and achieving your goals is you. Some of you reading this have heard this before, others will have an Aha! revelation and others will be incredulous. Regardless of where you are in your business and life…

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